Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Winter (?) at the cottage

There is finally ice on the lake and we suddenly have 100's of noisy geese on it, just in front of the cottage. Some of them have found or created an opening and are swimming as well. Lots of rain is predicted over the day do we shall see.

Work continues on turning the cottage (cold and primitive) into a home (warm and well serviced). Earlier in the fall I was madly wiring so as to get the expired and not renewable permit signed off.

Then I installed an HRV (heat recovery ventilator). This should reduce condensation on windows and IN the walls, Yikes! In summer it should greatly reduce the humidity, and resulting odors in the crawl space. You try so hard to make a house 'tight', then you have to install technology to get rid of stale air. Go figure.

Now I am working on plumbing. This time I am installing a new BIGGER expansion tank (again) and a water softener. The expansion tank should make the noisy pump, right under the living room, cycle much less frequently. Like once every 12 gallons, instead of every time you wash your hands or flush the toilet or use a whole 5 (US) quarts of water. The softener will hopefully deal with the 31 grains of hardness and make the dishes look clean not scummy coming out of the dishwasher. Carol hopes for softer hair. Hmmm, softer hair... maybe not a bad thing. While doing this I have to move the pump (again) and upgrade some of the copper pipes (again) with larger diameter copper.

I am still in denial about mountain biking season being over. Sunday, after church, John and I went for a ride. Carol would not join us and I believe some comment was made about our being nuts. It was a great ride until my drive train died. I already knew that before next year I should get a new chain and apparently this means a new set of cogs on the back (cassette)and also a new chain ring or two or three on the front, but until Sunday I did not need a new rear derailleur as well. I need all of it, NOW. Oh yeah, and it took out spoke too. At least I did not go over the handlebars and it was only a half hour or so walk out of there. Maybe I can get it all fixed by the weekend :)

Carrie has a school play tomorrow evening. Jeffrey flys in Sunday. Wonder if he actually will land when and where his ticket claims! Should be a fun week or two!

Hope everyone is well.



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