Thursday, December 09, 2004

Carrie's Stage Debut

Carrie Proctor made her stage debut, yesterday, in the Cartwright Public High School production of "Happily Never After." Her appearance on stage was marked by a series of whistles, which caused her to momentarily stop in her strut -- er, I mean, stride. Her recovery was excellent, by all accounts.

The evening production of "Happily Never After," which her proud mother and step-father attended, was accomplished with much confidence and aplomb.

Egads! Carrie got a LOT of whistles. Good thing I wasn't there -- or there would've been a lot of dead bodies strewn around the room.

Seriously, the play was wonderfully done. Very funny and well-paced. The kids all did a wonderful job. The evening concluded with three additional plays (2 drama and one comedy) which were judged. We didn't stay to hear the results, but felt that the school had made a very strong entry with each play.

Pictures will follow, hopefully tonight, once they are downloaded to the computer and then uploaded to my Yahoo photo albums.

Carrie is now debating her decision to attend Port Perry High School, (enrolment somewhere around 800) as opposed to Cartwright High (enrolment approximately 400). Cartwright has the advantage of producing a very high number of Ontario Scholars due to its smaller classes and individual attention, but with a more limited class selection. Port Perry, on the other hand, offers a wider variety of classes, with the peril of falling between the cracks. I think she would appreciate commentary from her wiser brothers, aunts and uncles.

All in all, it was an enlightening evening for me. Who was that confident young lady striding across the stage?!



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