Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy Halloween

Now that it's the day after. We had all of 9 kids show up -- and 8 of them were friends of Carrie's. She didn't go out this year as she wasn't feeling well. Spent the day curled up on a chair with a blanket wrapped 'round her. She's better today. Go figure!

We did host a Halloween party for the homeowner's association last weekend (the 22nd). It was fun -- maybe 20 kids. Played bobbing for apples, pin the nose on the witch, smash the pinata, and Carrie read a spooky story. Have volunteered to do it again next year -- when we are hoping to add some more games and stuff.

So how was every one else's Halloween? Any costumes?

And congratulations, Andy & Sabrina, for setting the date. I've made notations on calendars for next year already!


Blogger DixonFamilyChronicles said...

Nothing exciting here. Some kids showed up but they were only half in costume and weren't really interested that I was disappointed.

I am starting my fifth month at the USPTO and really settling into my job. Luckily, the responses from lawyers to my work from 4 months ago are due to come back, and my job will change drastically and I will, once again, have no clue what I'm doing. Yay. The good news is that by all accounts, I'm going through the first year with better-than-typical performance, but the bad news is that the first year is pretty scary and you just have to stick with it.

Coris finally escaped her old cell phone plan, so she has a shiny new phone and isn't afraid to use it during the day. This has been a huge ordeal for her and she's really relieved that it's over. Her phone number is the same as before, so give her a call and let her use it a little. ;)

I'm trying to get all my stuff in order to come to Michigan for Dec. 25 - Jan. 1. It's stressful. I managed to pick a health plan that doesn't cover vision - probably the largest expense that I was sure to need. Blah, oh well. At least I'll be paying lower taxes and terrified of going to the library, what am I complaining about? :)

I look forward to seeing as many people as possible while Coris and I are up there.


November 8, 2004 at 5:07 PM  
Blogger DixonFamilyChronicles said...

Well, it is hard to tell how many trick-or-treaters we had at the Dixon homestead. I am sure that we gave out more candy then we ate ourselves... I think. I would guess that we had between 100 and 150. It was a wonderful evening. Chuck, Sabrina, Dad, Ione and I all sat on the front porch and handed out candy.

On another note, we managed to meet up with Jeff and go to a hockey game Saturday night. We only had a little less trouble finding Zimmerman hall then Jeff had finding Wings Stadium. A few more practice runs and we will have it down. Of course, then it will be time to find the State Theatre for blues shows this winter


November 9, 2004 at 8:06 AM  

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