Dixon Family Chronicles

Friday, November 26, 2004


This is such a cool idea! I hope everyone's going to use it.

I'm in Michigan with my Dad for Thanksgiving it was wonderful! It's 1:11 in the morning so I'm figuring there's still plenty of time for turkey until breakfast... This is the first Thanksgiving with my Dad for literally years.

Mom and I went Christmas shopping last weekend I am nearly all done (I still need Mom's presents and one for Coris.) and only $15 in debt!!! This is SO good for me because I am usually rushing around like a decapitated chicken during Christmas time.

Schools is school...not much to say there. For all you who know about my pathetic French teacher last year will be happy to know she got replaced. She's supposedly on a years leave but we're figuring she was fired. Our new French teacher is so much better. Classes are pretty easy but I am loaded with homework for these three days Mom dragged me out of ;).

Oh an Uncle David, I won't make you go back into Hot Topic store again for a gift certificate (Remember last year? Uncle Andy will like this too...), I'm hoping for a Detroit hockey jersey!!!!!

Umm....yeah I think that's it... Life is good. I'm going to check on this more often I hope there will be more posts than just Mom's!!!

Ciao! Your (niece, sister, daughter, granddaughter...), Carrie

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Well, that time of year is rapidly approaching. I've arranged for three days off work (without pay, harrumph!) and I am gonna be in Muskegon for Thanksgiving! Yippee! I am SO looking forward to this. Carrie will get to have Thanksgiving with her dad, for the first time this century!

We (Doug and I) will be hanging out in Muskegon for a couple of days. And possibly meeting up with Grandpa Dixon for lunch on Sunday on the way back to Canada.

What does everyone else have planned?

Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy Halloween

Now that it's the day after. We had all of 9 kids show up -- and 8 of them were friends of Carrie's. She didn't go out this year as she wasn't feeling well. Spent the day curled up on a chair with a blanket wrapped 'round her. She's better today. Go figure!

We did host a Halloween party for the homeowner's association last weekend (the 22nd). It was fun -- maybe 20 kids. Played bobbing for apples, pin the nose on the witch, smash the pinata, and Carrie read a spooky story. Have volunteered to do it again next year -- when we are hoping to add some more games and stuff.

So how was every one else's Halloween? Any costumes?

And congratulations, Andy & Sabrina, for setting the date. I've made notations on calendars for next year already!