Sunday, October 03, 2004

Farm Fest

Well, this weekend was the Kawartha Farm Fest weekend. Doug and I spent a whole $5 each on tickets so that we could then choose which farms to visit. There were about 20 sites to choose from.

So Saturday, which was rainy and windy, we went to the Lindsay Farmer's Market, in part because we had ordered an amazing amount of garlic. Got there too late, and everyone was going home. Not surprising, really, since it was so cold.

Next we went to Fleecefest. Way cool farm with sheep (duh!), a donkey, a llama, goats, ducks, and pigs. It was so much fun. The animals KNEW that we had food for them in our hands, and man, did they want it. Even the llama came and sniffed at me. Later the owner was telling us that the llama NEVER voluntarily touches people. Way cool. The goats were too cute. There was even a mother hen and her brood of chicks wandering around the barn.

So then Doug and I gave up on Farmfest because the weather was too bad.

Today, Carrie and I went to a horse farm ... they had horses, ponies, a pair of wild boars, and rabbits. Carrie was most anxious to bring home a baby bunny, but cooler heads prevailed.

Next we went to an alpaca farm. Yes, an alpaca farm. Guys, I'm totally in love with alpacaa. They are adorable and soft. The wool is warmer than sheep's wool, and non-allergenic. And the sweaters! Totally awesome.

So now I'm trying to convince that we need an organic lawnmower, that also does self-fertilization for the yard.

Didn't fall for that?

How about a couple of large, strange-looking dogs?

Anyway, they are totally amazing animals and I am trying to figure out how I can finagle myself a pair of alpacas.

Finally, Carrie and I stopped at a cheese-tasting, followed by a stop at a road-side fruit and vegetable stand. Where Carrie got to pet and hug a very large dog. With permission and an introduction from the owner.

Not 15 minutes later, the dog had taken a huge bite out of some kid's arm. Frightening, yes? And what I find most amazing ... the dog was absolutely placid with Carrie. Later I saw it in a hatch-back car, just gazing calmly around. I didn't actually see the bite, but heard the growling and scuffle. When I ran outside the store, the dog was back laying peacefully in the car. Needless to say, Carrie didn't go back to say good-bye. I suspect the kid was teasing the dog, or possibly trying to reach into the car to get something and the dog was just protecting himself or his territory. Poor dog.

Anyway, you've heard the adventure of my weekend. It was great, weather notwithstanding.

And I'm still trying to figure out if I can persuade the neighbours that my new pets are ... um ... rather large and unusual dogs.



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