Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Washington DC

Alright then.

Since the NHL season is going to be a severe loss this year, I've been watching the NFL.

The Redskins turned the ball over 7 times last Sunday but could have conceivably won the game in the final seconds - if they hadn't fumbled (and recovered) the ball on the last play. Hopefully it was a fluke else I'll be enjoying Baltimore's home town coverage instead of DC's.

I guess Detroit has big plans this year. Wow two wins in two weeks? I wish I got a chance to see them play - or Chicago at Green Bay for that matter - surely historic games.

I was excited that I've finally got a job and a budget that could afford the NHL season ticket deal and now they aren't having a season. Ah well.

I see this site has threaded posts as well so we can reply a la conversation style - just have to click "view" on the front page posts first.



Blogger DixonFamilyChronicles said...


Are there any minor league hockey teams in the area? The minors are going on with business as usual. I have paid more attention to the minor leagues then the NHL for a couple of years now. I am not so sure I am going to miss the NHL.

I read somewhere that a group of out of work nhlers are forming a drop in type league with teams in all six of the original NHL cities. Talk about irony, Hasek is supposed to be playing for the team in Detroit. I believe it was called the Original Stars Hockey League.

The Lions may be 2 - 0, but they still look a lot like the same old lions- S.O.L. to me. Roy Williams is looking like the real deal though. Highlight reel catches in both of his first two NFL games. The real test is this Sunday against Philly.


September 22, 2004 at 9:12 AM  
Blogger DixonFamilyChronicles said...

NFL, eh? And I was just getting used to hockey.

I saw a Green Bay vs. Lions game once, and so did you, Jason. Well, kinda. I was pregnant with you at the time. Does that count?

September 23, 2004 at 6:15 AM  

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