Dixon Family Chronicles

Friday, September 24, 2004

WMU and things

Well, I managed to get a goodly chunk of my homework finished so I could relax this weekend. School is good, and the classes are easy.

My first paper in Shakespeare received an A and a few compliments from my teacher and my roommate. I've finished my second paper for Shakespeare class, my first paper for my Spanish class, and I received a guideline for my research paper for my Linguistics class (but it's a short research paper, so I'm not worried).

I haven't been doing so many things.. Mostly study and play guitar. I've met a few people on my floor and overall, I'm having a good time. I'm headed home this weekend for things like laundry (because it costs something like $4 or so to do it here) and I'm getting an accessory for my desk (which will give me a bit more desk space, which is always a good thing).

When I get to see Carrie next, I've got some really good books for her to enjoy. And now it's 2pm, and I'm going to get going. Hopefully the traffic and construction isn't too horrible!


Thursday, September 23, 2004


Hey all! Doug picked up developed pictures yesterday. They go back a year, and more. One of the rolls included pictures taken out at David & Joy's for the celebration of October birthdays. There's a very nice picture of Mom there. I'll try to get it scanned and post or e-mail it to everyone.

I find that I'm really missing the contact with my brothers and sisters. During Mom's illness I was back home frequently, and seeing everyone that I possibly could. Since April, the trips back have been less frequent, as has the contact. All of us are feeling some sort of monetary constraints these days, as well as lack of holiday time. I sure do wish and hope that we can stay in touch.

I miss you guys.

Love, Carol

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Washington DC

Alright then.

Since the NHL season is going to be a severe loss this year, I've been watching the NFL.

The Redskins turned the ball over 7 times last Sunday but could have conceivably won the game in the final seconds - if they hadn't fumbled (and recovered) the ball on the last play. Hopefully it was a fluke else I'll be enjoying Baltimore's home town coverage instead of DC's.

I guess Detroit has big plans this year. Wow two wins in two weeks? I wish I got a chance to see them play - or Chicago at Green Bay for that matter - surely historic games.

I was excited that I've finally got a job and a budget that could afford the NHL season ticket deal and now they aren't having a season. Ah well.

I see this site has threaded posts as well so we can reply a la conversation style - just have to click "view" on the front page posts first.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Hey -- glad someone else found the site and tried it.

Of course, we'll have to remember to sign our posts otherwise we won't really know just who made it. (Remember to sign post, Carol!)

Anyway ... whichever of my family came and made an entry, thanks!!

Love you guys,

Thanks Carol

Thanks for setting this up Carol. I am willing to give it a shot and will be sure to check back for updates.


Monday, September 13, 2004

Maybe this will help!

Hey Guys!

Let's try a Group Blog! That way we can all communicate with each other -- all at the same time! I'm addicted to exclamation points today!

Seriously ... this might just work. I'll send e-mails to each of you with the user name and password. Then we can just log in, read, leave messages for each other. All without having to send passwords, spend money on long distance calls, etc. And just possibly we can change the reputation we all have for not keeping in touch.

So ... whadya think?